Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year!!



Some might wonder if I’m giving up blogging.  Others might wonder if we’ve skipped off of the face of the earth.  Then there are those who might wonder if Twinkies are better deep fried.

Don’t worry, they are.

Well in answer to the first two questions: not giving up blogging, and we are still here but barely.  Here’s how Jan-early Feb went down:

Team Kitchen fought a tough game last month.  The opposition, team X, came on full force with RSV and pneumonia but fell behind at half time.  So they brought in the “reserve” team players: pink eye and stomach flu and the game went into a double overtime.

It wasn’t pretty.

It seems every time we would set foot outside the home we would pick up something else and then share it with the family.  Arrgghh.  I feel like life this past month (I guess technically past two months) has been put in slow motion and I don’t know if I really accomplished much.  Now that we are finally back to good health I am having trouble getting back into a normal groove.  I suppose so many things have changed in the last month making that goal nearly impossible to accomplish.


For instance, Aedan, has grown up so much.  Not just in size, although I am finding him at an awkward toddler/boy in between stage in his clothes right now.  He has really taken an interest in reading and writing lately and I am just scrambling to try to keep up.  He can read some words either out of familiarity or out of earnestly trying and sounding out letters.  He is finding the patience to actually write now. He wanted to write his name on his own Valentines but could only handle so much for so long.  So for a few cards a day over a handful of days we made it.


His vocabulary and sentence structure has improved but I wonder if it wouldn’t be much more advanced if it weren’t for me holding him back.  You see, when he says certain things that aren’t right but they sound cute, I don’t want to correct him.  Things like…

“Mom, I want to go to Old McDonald’s" (McDonalds)

“Oh look! There is the angel Ramoni” (Moroni)

“Squidward Testicle Pants” (supposed to be Tentacle and yes this is from Spongebob) 


Okay, that last one I set to correcting lightening fast. In hind sight, tentacle isn’t a whole lot better.  He’s a squid people.  Hhmmm.  Moving on…

Lily is a happy girl.  She has taken to squealing.  And she gets frustrated like a girl.  I don’t know how to explain it but I can tell I’m in for trouble already.


She discovered her feet shortly getting out of the hospital and a week ago today she rolled over, twice, although as it happens I was the only one who witnessed it, thus no one believes me.  She has not done it since  and really I’m not sure if she has the motivation to do so but we’ll see.

And here I am, a happy mommy of a babe with no teeth yet.   I’m  dreading the nursing-while-teething stage although she has become very drooling this last month so who knows. 


Well have a happy Valentine’s Day or Chinese New Year, whichever you prefer!  Who knows maybe I’ll get around to taking off the Christmas blog decor soon too…


  1. Happy New Year! Hopefully, the year of the tiger means good health for your family!

  2. Boy, your kids are adorable! And I know what you mean about not correcting things the kids say. Charlotte says the cutest things sometimes and I hate to correct her. They are only in this cute stage once--I don't want it to pass too quickly.

    Glad everyone is feeling better. Stay healthy! And Gung Hey Faat Choy!

  3. Uggh, the year can only improve for you! I hope you have nothing but perfect health for the next ten and a half months. It's good to read your blogging again, Jackie.

  4. Hope you are all finally well and on the mend. The kids say thanks for the lucky money!


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